Watch-Whers | 1

When The Shadows Move On Their Own Obsidian Yjsk

Bonded: 11-08-20
Bonding: Harvest Festival — Gats
Rank: Obsidian
Gender: Male

It’s difficult to pin this Watch-Wher down exactly. He always manages to stay just out of your full range of view. If you did somehow manage to catch him unawares though, you’d find a sort of odd Wher. He’s right about where he should be in height for an Obsidian, but he’s lacking somewhat in the mass department. He’s not gaunt or ribby or anything like that, so it’s not from lack of diet. He’s simply a bit more long and nimble looking than his brethren, almost serpentine in the way his head and tail travel. It helps him really slither into those shadows just out of sight. In fact, when he's standing still, wisps of shadows seem to slither off of him as well, reaching out towards whatever shadows are already on the ground. His hide is completely matte, the deepest black that just absorbs all the light around him. And, well, that’s just the icing on the cake. You’re certainly never going to find him out in at midnight. You're never going to find him out at midday, either, but that's because he's more sensitive to light than any Wher you've seen before. Even with a hood on, that harsh noon light that eliminates every shadow is just too much.

Mindspeak: Italic #07000D

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