Visps | 2

Winter Bloom Reverie Visp Vher

Bonded: 12-27-20
Bonding: Secret Keehar 2020
Rank: Reverie
Gender: Visp

Helleborus orientalis
They are a petite Visp, from tip of the snout to tail only just over a foot when full grown. Their little nose is upturned into a blunt shape, not unlike a pig or bat. Swirls of vibrant greens shift endless through the three pairs of eyes found just above, all wide and full of curiosity and wonder. Petite and delicate in stature, their most striking feature is their scales. While spiked in appearance like any Reverie, their length is tipped with delicate, soft petals. Each is a deep purple-black, velvety and matte. Ventral scales are replaced by green, curling bracts.

As sweet as their appearance suggests, this visp is ever accepting of the world around them and always able to spot the silver lining no matter what. The surprise bloom in the dead of winter they always encourage their bonded to see the positive in every situation. Don't mistake the positivity for passiveness. They are willing to lay down their life for their bond and will attempt to defend them by any means necessary, their temperate nature quickly turning to deadly venom. Despite these traits, they are not incredibly clingy. You won't find them hanging out in your pocket or around your neck, though they do tend to check in mentally on a frequent basis. Their favorite spot is in the fridge or cellar, anyplace that is a little cooler in temperature.

Mindspeak: #3E2955

Tunnel Vision Prophecy Sashe & Sjald

Bonded: 02-05-22
Bonding: Winter Stew — Artemis
Rank: Prophecy
Gender: Visp

Both heads of this Prophecy are shimmering aquamarine like the clearest beach you've ever seen, which is appropriate as where their necks conjoin they fade into soft warm sands, gradually warming to a sunny orange at the tip of their tail. Their eyes are bright coral, as reflective as polished stones.

Despite what you might expect, two heads are not always better than one. This Prophecy has a habit of encouraging itself, for better or for worse, and once it gets an idea it will only continue talking itself into it. After all, who else could be a better hype man then… Yourself? Not that it's impossible to get them to listen to outside ideas, just be careful what you let them over here, because again no matter the source once it becomes focused on something, you're not going to convince it to look away, except maybe — maybe — by redirecting its focus to something else. At least while focused on that one thing, both heads will analyze it with the utmost attention to detail. They'll just also miss a gorilla walking right in front of them while focused on it.

Mindspeak: Bold #5DFBF9

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