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Green-Eyed Monster Moeda Tahani

Bonded: 06-19-20
Bonding: I Had A Plan But Changed It At The Last Minute And Now I Have No Idea What I'm Doing by Fall Out Boy — Artemis
Rank: Moeda
Gender: Female

Tahani's life is wonderful darling thank you for asking! You went to the beach last weekend? Oh, she. Also wants. To go to the beach. That sounds fun bonded why don't we go to the beach. Did she already go to the beach this month? Of course she did, she's got a socialite's dream life, she's always at all the cool places, she's just, you know, been reminded by you going to the beach how much she loves going and she should go. Again. Back. Because she did it first but you know she doesn't want you to feel left out bonded so she'll go to keep you company, alright? Hmm? She's beautiful (not that you're ugly, sweetie) and popular (not that you don't have friends too, she's sure!) and everything is going perfectly! Oh look how happy that giant is with a kitten, we should get a kitten —

A warm yellow colour spreads as the base of her coat pattern, giving way to black leopard spots on her hind end. Obsidian hooves and matching mane and tail complete the wildcat look, and there are worse patterns that could go with the jungle-green horn that thrusts from her head, the… bone? gem? what are these things made of anyway? … made with a subtle wave along its form. She's tall and well-proportioned, and moves with confidence and deliberateness. Her eyes are a few shades lighter than her horn.

Mindspeak: Bold #378f4E

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