Requiae | 1

The Silver Lining Lament Dasi

Bonded: 03-07-22
Bonding: A Simple Affair — Artemis
Rank: Lament
Gender: Female

This Lament is fairly tiny compared to others of her kind, stretching the limits their sizes can range without being freakish. Her hues might be in greyscale, but thanks the to the metallic edges of her feathers, she has a soft shine coating each pinion. Soft grey forms a base for streaks of paler silver on the dorsal side of her wings, and an even paler chest, nearly bleach white. Simple, yes, but pretty in her plain way.

As one might expect of her rank, if one knows anything about Requiae, she's no great threat. She doesn't engage in frantic frenzies of hurt emotions or take delight in hurting anyone. No, she actively seeks out lighter emotions, and admittedly due to her mood-draining powers will draw them to the surface herself if need be, by bleeding away (figuratively!) the bad emotions covering up the brighter ones. She prefers to look forward to the next dawn rather than lament (heh) the moments of darkness. She's, dare we say… sweet?

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