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You Tsunami Calde

You - Gold Panda

The appearance of this rather larger Tsunami is reminiscent of a geode or agate, if all of the layers were blue, some darker, some lighter. His hide is silky smooth, unmarred by calouses or any scars, as, for a Firelizard, this boy seems to be rather peaceful. He’s a little thicker than others, perhaps due in part to his not-constant movement, but he’s as good of a flyer as any other.

This Tsunami can get rather, well, attached. He is a soothing presence and a little doting, flitting around on occasion to make their life easier (in ways that he can of course). He will not like being away for too long, and will always enjoy having a little company besides him, a warm body to lay next to. He’s optimistic, maybe a bit too much so, living his life in a “it’ll be okay” sort of manner, and will often work well to counter-balance those who may be a little more high-strung, nervous, or with too bleak of an outlook on life. He seems to never lose his happy disposition, and while he is always glad to lend a hand, his favorite task is simply curling up his velvety hide beside ones he cares about most and taking a nap.

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