Beorfin | 0

Adorned with Flowers and Bamboo Caie-lyr Cev're

Bonded: 03-22-22
Bonding: Build a Beorf — Kimmy
Rank: Caie-lyr
Gender: Female

This lovely female emits an energy of peace and acceptance. She is laid-back—not quite as outgoing as most of her rank—but social nonetheless. She loves surrounding herself with others of all species and energies, able to commune with just about anyone. Harmony and friendship is valued above all else and though she dislikes violence and conflict, she will do nothing more than shake her head in clear disapproval, for she is not a fighter. You will often find her among some of the most gorgeous aquatic plant species, appreciating their beauty and taking a nap in the heart of nature. Though, to be fair, she is happy anywhere her friends are. Something about her is simply…relaxing and zen.

She is a large lady—girthy and curvy and looking like a Greek sea goddess. After all, she does spend most of her time resting and enjoying the good things in life. Most of her body is covered in a medium, smooth aqua. This aqua has both dark teal and bright yellow tangled on top of it, weaving in patterns mimicking vines with floral patterns at the tips of each waving line. Her fins are mostly dark teal with yellow at the tips. The yellow is finely dotted with some consolidation, as if dipped in pollen. Her eyes, in contrast, are a bright fresh light pink—as if a rose had been plucked in the midst of spring.

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