Arathlial | 3

Heavy Hangs the Crowned Head North Razelva

Bonded: 02-17-22
Bonding: Sins of the Father — Owl
Rank: North
Gender: Female

It takes a very specific kind of person to unite countless doctrines and ideologies under one flag. Though proving it will be the work of a lifetime, this North is confident she is precisely the right kind of person.

Disciplined, direct, and decisive, she takes her title of ‘queen’ deadly seriously. It’s her lot in life to lead, and she’s damn well going to do the best she can by her people. If that means tackling the ugliest problems the world has to offer, so be it. She’s up to the task. Her self-confidence is unshakable, and for very good reason: she’s every bit as good as she thinks she is. Statesmanship, negotiating, logistics and more seem like second nature to her. She could organize a thousand-arathlial flight to the moon with her eyes closed, and yet, every person under her command would feel as if she fought for them and them alone. There’s something inspiring about her, some upwelling of light and leadership that makes all and sundry fall in line. Under her guiding talon even the most disparate mess of soldiers could be reforged into a cohesive unit. If she embarks on a mission, she’ll do her utmost to see it through, personal and political costs be damned. …not that she often has to pay those costs, mind you. She’s got a positively infuriating habit of pulling impossible victories out of her tail feathers on the regular. She shrugs it off as a natural consequence of her obsessive need to plan for every possibility. No one else is quite so certain.

Military hierarchies are notoriously rigid creations, and this warrior queen’s outlook on life is every bit as inflexible. Her way of doing things isn’t just the right way, it’s the only way, and any deviation from it is met with vociferous disapproval. Stubborn adherence to tradition means she’s slow to adapt to changing circumstances. All the backup plans in the world can’t prepare her for genuinely new situations, and should one appear, she’ll more than likely get caught with her proverbial pants down. Any interaction with other leaders is likely to end in disaster. She brooks no threats to her authority, regardless of their source or rank. She is the queen. What you are remains to be seen. Those who find themselves on her bad side find the world itself turning against them. She’s got connections in all sorts of places, many of which she’ll never admit to, and she’s not above exerting her authority to bring an errant underling back into the fold. Offense once taken is never forgotten. While she might not make you suffer for wronging her- such actions are beneath one of her station- you can be sure she’ll never again exert herself for your sake. Choose wisely, friend, for the queen is always watchful.

The single best word to describe this queen is ‘statuesque’. She’s huge, easily among the largest arathlial ever hatched on Planet, but she wears her massive size as if it were armor. Every movement is calculated, controlled, projecting ironclad confidence and complete control. Most of her feathers are a rich, saturated ultramarine, while her flight- and tail-feathers are a few shades lighter. The crest atop her head was likely once ice-blue; somewhere along the line it was dyed the same fierce gold as her eyes. It matches the arathli-scale crown of gilded laurels somehow affixed to her head.

Mindspeak: Bold #0024E1

The Sophic Lanner Zephyr Sophia

Bonded: 02-14-22
Bonding: Sekaret Admirer 2022
Rank: Zephyr
Gender: Female

Equilibriam - FFXIV OST
While many Zephyr showcase a golden spread of warm summer yellows, the gold on this Zephyr is a more true colour. Burnished hints of amber darken the golden cape that cloaks her, wrapping around a svelte body to fade to a cream colour over her breast, the not-quite-white expanse dotted with darker burnished spots, almost metallic in their timbre. Her eyes are a startling intense, deep dark red. Each pinion is outlined in a harsh, pale colour that can only be called yellow in the strictest sense, barely discernible from white were it not so nigh preternaturally [i]harsh[/i]. Sharp of beak, straight of back, she is undeniably intimidating despite her stature, and equal parts dangerous and beautiful to behold.

It is said when one of these small Arathli befriend the leader of the aerie, prosperity will follow. That they are often a partner of those known for their intelligence and wisdom.

She would certainly have you believe all of this is true of her.

As swift of mind as she is of body, she carries herself with a judicial confidence few can rival. And what she is judging is the balance of the world. All things in light cast a shadow; all night skies are lit by stars. She accepts the bad lots in life with the same stoic humility she accepts the good that comes. It is only the extremes that she strikes out with a vengeance. And it is very much vengeance that colours her personal brand of justice; an eye-for-an-eye is only fair and balanced, is it not? And that need for balance over all she rules extends to her bonded, the sole connection to her soul, for better or for worse; when your bravery falters, Yjrn, she will push you to be bold and face what comes your way as part of the harmony of the world's ups and downs, but likewise if you are wronged she will urge you to seek to bring equilibrium to the distruption of the way of things. Perhaps this is the very reason her heart has sought out Yjrn, to keep the scales balanced in her own life.

Mindspeak: Italic #DEB91F

Well Secluded, I See All Chinook Div

Bonded: 11-06-20
Bonding: Harvest Festival — Gats
Rank: Chinook
Gender: Female

At first glance, there’s nothing off about this Chinook at all. Her plumage is a pleasant gradient of soft yellows into baby blues and light purples, edged in a dark and dusty magenta. She looks for all the weyrd like the sun rising at dawn, fitting in easily with any of her rank sisters that you might find. And that is just how she likes it, because that’s also where the similarities end. Hidden among those beautiful feathers, at least when they're closed as she typically keeps them, are eyes. So many eyes. On her face, her breast, her wings, all different sizes. She’s always watching you. She’s inescapable.

Mindspeak: Italic #98004A

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