Scions of a Weyrd Dawn

The plants along the road are wild and yet distinctly well groomed in the way they lead you through the trees. The thatched cottage is nestled into the trees such a way that it's impossible to see how far it extends, but it gives the impression of something small and cosy from the front porch. Truly a fairy-tale little cottage found in the woods and surrounded by forest.

A small creek winds in front of it, fed from a nearby lake. A little wooden bridge leads you across it to the covered porch. Flowers and plants of all kinds are planted in the flower beds in front of the porch, and vines crawl up the wooden sides. Above the plants a veranda porch looks out into the trees, wide stairs leading up to the front door. To the side a wicker egg chair hangs from the ceiling, flowering vines wrapped around it's rope and weaving through the wicker.

A graceful leporine woman stands from the garden and offers you a wave. Her short red hair is stained with faint yellow strands and a braid hangs over one shoulder, there's a green diamond tattoo on the bridge of her nose.

But most distinct are the tall rabbit-like ears on top of her head, the same deep red and yellow staining over her hair.

"Welcome to Mistwander cottage," She offers kindly, gesturing to the cottage, "We love to have guests, would you like some tea?"

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